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Project Details

Sea Pearl Phase-III Venture situated at Nerallavalasa & R.Y. Agraharam, Villages, Bheemili Manda, Visakhapatnam, is located at fastest growing and surrounded by un-believable developments such as - IT Hub, Film Studio's and Tourism development area, Gital University & Number of Educational Institutions, Holiday Resorts, Hotels and Corporate Hospitals are comming up. Our Sea Pearl Phase-III Venture is one of the best developed Venture located at Vizag to Bheemili Beach Road.


Location Highlights


  • 152 Gated community Villas project under construction it is in the part of our Sea Pearl-III venture.
  • The project is quite nearer to the famous Engineering and Medical Educational Institutions.
  • 25 minutes of drive on beach road will reach you to Sea Pearl Phase-III Venture.
  • Avenue plantation and landscaping for the entire layout.
  • Situated at pollution free and Holiday resorts area.
  • Hardly 5 minutes walk from the Beach road to our Sea Pearl Phase-III Venture.
  • Investment on sites in Vizag is the best for good returns among all.


Project Features


  • The Layout is being developed as per VUDA norms.
  • 40' wide Black Top Roads, Amenities like Open Drainage System, Electricity will be provided.
  • Under Water is potable and plenty at a depth of 40 feet.
  • Arch with Gate & Compound Wall for the entire layout.
  • Water Harvesting Pits and Park Development.
  • Through it verdant patches of natural grass and tenderly developed landscapes and walkers Tracks.


Project Surroundings


In addition to being an east-coast seaport, Visakhapatnam is an industrial city. Part of the city is known by its colonial British name, Waltair; during the colonial era, the city's hub was the Waltair railway station and the surrounding part of the city is still called Waltair. The city is home to several state-owned heavy industries and a steel plant; it is one of India's largest seaports and has the country's oldest shipyard. Visakhapatnam has the only natural harbor on the east coast of India.

Like its west-coast counterpart it has attractive beaches, late rite hillocks and a pleasing landscape. It is also a focus of urban and tourist development.


Bheemunipatnam is a city in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The closest tourism destination to Bheemunipatnam is Simhachalam. Other close by tourism destinations include Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Ananthagiri. The nearest major railway station to Bheemunipatnam is Visakhapatnam (VSKP) which is at a distance of 12.4 kilometers. The nearest airport is at Visakhapatnam which is at a distance of 28 kilometers. Bheemunipatnam Beach is a peaceful and serene beach, situated along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst the blue waters and tall coconut trees, this beach appears to be the perfect site for honeymooners. The sparkling sands that get soaked by the warm waves revive the childhood days, when kids make sand houses. The breathtaking beauty of Bheemunipatnam Beach cannot be bounded in mere words.

Located at Bheemili (Bheemunipatnam), which comes under Visakhapatnam district, this beautiful beach attracts tourists from all parts of India. It also offers an ideal site to take sun-bath, while getting salubrious tan. According to the folklore's, the place derived its name from Bhima (one of the Pandavas), who killed Bakasura here. He commemorated his victory by installing an idol of Goddess Lakshmi, on top of a hill.

Another point about this beach is that it is regarded as one amongst the safest beaches for swimming in Andhra Pradesh. A little distance from the beach, you can trace the remnants of a fort, which proves the existence of Dutch settlement in the region. Hollanders Green, an ancient cemetery that dates back to the 17th century, is other attraction to be seen here. To be precise, Bheemunipatnam Beach is a lovely place that would spellbind you with its charisma.


Historical evidences of Buddhist Culture have been noticed at Bheemunipatnam dating back to 3rd century BCE on the hillock Pavurallakonda (also known as Narsimhaswami konda locally) in the town. Buddhist remains were found during the excavations here along with Relic caskets. Both the schools of Buddhism Hinayana and Mahayana were propagated in this land and also to the far east lands from the port of River Gosthani. See pavurallakonda page for more details.

INS Kalinga

INS Kalinga is a premier Naval Establishment located on the Visakhapatnam- Bheemunipatnam beach road. It is about 25 kilometers from the city and 40 kilometers from the Naval Base. INS Kalinga was commissioned in 21 Nov 1985. Over the past 26 years, the Establishment has grown into a fully fledged Station with co-located units such as MARCOS (E), NAD (V), NAI (V) and MES. The station is spread over an area of 734.1 acres and comprises of over 900 service and civilian personnel with their families. INS Kalinga is responsible for preparing, storing and delivering advanced missiles to ships of the Eastern Fleet. The establishment has transformed itself from a Technical Position handling legacy articles of 80’s vintage, into one capable of handling modern integrated articles.

Over the past decade, missile technology has developed relatively faster than any other weapon system. Missile technology today has the potential to influence international politics, strategy and tactics to dominating extent. Missiles are used on the world stage as a deterrent and on the battlefield as effective force multipliers. New generation missiles are being introduced by the Indian Navy to further strengthen the Eastern Fleet’s capabilities. DRDO on its part has made very encouraging advancements in the missile field. However, in order to exploit this advanced technology to its fullest, it is essential that the experience gained is shared amongst all the organizations of the Indian Navy.

Establishment has got facilities of married accommodations for officers, sailors, DSC personnel and civilians. It has got medical facilities at sickbay for Kalinga station personnel, LCA auditorium and community hall for movie and general activities, Library-cum-reading room, KV and NKG schools for education facilities. In the field of sport, it has got badminton court, tennis court, basket ball court, football ground, volleyball court and swimming pool etc. Kalinga station has also got provision of night landing facilities at existing Helipad.



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